We know all about awards. It’s a mixed bag. Did they really deserve the recognition? There are so many kinds of awards today. To challenge the Oscars (Academy Award) we now have the People’s Choice awards and the Golden Globe Awards.  And, why not the critics choice awards.  I’m sure there is room for one more. Someone will think of it. I’m all for awards.  We still get a kick out of it!  The who’s who and what are they wearing is glamorous.

Michelin Stars
Yes, we have foody awards. The biggest draw would be the Michelin star awards. mechilin-star The Michelin star chefs peak my interest. These are the ‘celebrity’ chefs. To think it started with a tire company in France in 1900. While driving around with their Michelin tires, visiting places near and far, Michelin made up a guide book for the best places to get gas, a meal and a good hotel. Good advertising for Michelin. One two and three stars were assigned to these establishments. The rest is history.

For us local plebes that may not want to pay $500-$1800 for a meal,  we can still eat well with great satisfaction.  Alas, there are places to enjoy a sensational meal. I mean a great meal! Often times it is right in our own kitchen.

Saveur Blog Award
I peaked at their site and awards for 2016. 80% of the ‘winning’ blogs were white design. Two winners had the exact same “white format” and the photographs were amazing. They could have been professional photographers.  James Peterson  took a  photography course to enhance his cookbooks. (P.S. If you don’t know James Peterson …get to know him! You will be glad you did)

Editors Choice
The honorable mention for ‘best blog’ (editors choice – at Saveur) was a tour guide visiting restaurants in some part of Asia. Michelin guide where are you? The pictures were passable. You knew this was a regular personal who did not take photography classes. Someone must have been in China or knew the region. I thought is was dry and poorly presented. I’m only one voice.  My problem is that Saveur is too keen on photos and presentation- in most cases.  Face it, if you don’t have great pictures you ain’t going make it anywhere near these greats blog awards.
Great Pictures
Take a look at the Chocolate-olive oil cake -please! That can’t taste good. Oil based cakes are too goopy (sticks to the top of your mouth) with a yucky after taste. The dark chocolate would squelch the flavour of the olive oil. That is the good part. Presentation was flawless. Great colour! I read on. A comment was made, “can you substitute avocado oil for olive oil?” The answer is yes. But the blogger said, “I don’t know. Let me know how it works out for you.” Cop out!  Avocado (fresh) key lime(fresh) pie is my all time favorite dessert. Granted, it is not a cake. Flour-less cakes are the only way to go. Once you’ve tried them you will be converted forever. Other cakes that are masked with sugar makes them taste alright. Don’t get me wrong. There are some exceptionally good cakes out there. I’m talking about “The Best Of The Best” cake recipe. This is a perfect, smooth segue into the next story . . . . great recipes! AHA!!!

GREAT RECIPES (Not just Pretty Pictures)
What about great tasting food? Massimo Bottura dropped a lemon tart (last one) and served it as a disassemble tart with artistic accents of colour/flavour. I bet it was still a great tasting tart. You really need the special balance of flavours that makes a simple lemon tart taste close to perfection. You know what followed. Disassembled dishes became the craze! Although Massimo is the Picasso of culinary delights …it’s gotta taste superb! Taste is everything.

I set the bar high didn’t I? I have to tell you there are great chefs that stay at home and do not open restaurants. I have yet to find a better eggs benedict than the one my dad used to make at home. I’ve stopped ordering them …at high end restaurants. I bet Heston Blumenthal’s eggs benedict is great! Here it is.

Judge’s comment: I would skip the parsley. It changes the flavour. It doesn’t look like he really enjoyed it. Lemon – not really needed. Straining the egg -what a waste of a good egg. I would add a hint of paprika in the Hollandaise sauce (a very slight colour change). Too much kills it. You do not want to say there is paprika in this sauce. The mistake people make is adding too much. You want that subtle taste to roll off your tongue.  Nutty brown butter?  It introduces a new flavour. A personal choice.