About Us

“I’m your Huckleberry” is an old term used in the wild west days — is the right person that is willing to do a given job or willing to do something adventurous! By reviving this slogan, we are recognizing great recipes by the ‘Adventurous’ chef, the huckleberry — in your own kitchen at home.”
judgeOur judges will taste the recipe(s) and decide on the winners for the coveted Huckleberry Pi Award to be announced each month. The winners will be showcased on The Huckleberry Pi Award website. Entries are evaluated by 10 judges and maybe you ( up to 3 guest judges )!  13 is the perfect number ~ THE BAKERS DOZEN!  (groan).

How it works? If you want to be a guest judge tell us why on our contact page. If you are a good judge (after 3 evaluations), you get to become part of our panel of judges or stay as a visiting judge.  If you are a judge in Australia, Ireland or Japan, we will send you the nominated “secret” recipe to make yourself and have friends and family share their thoughts with you. The Huckleberry Pi Award is sponsored by the Food Bloggers Association. Our current judges are composed of a hotel concierge, concert pianist, fitness trainers and more. We will soon be showing you pictures and a brief bio of our judges. Each winner will be able to read the judges comments. The recipients of the “Cherished” Huckleberry Pi Award will be contacted prior to its publication!