$250 Chocolate Chip Cookie


While having lunch at Neiman Marcus in Texas, the customer asked if she could have the recipe for their chocolate chip cookies. The customer was told by the waitress that she could buy the recipe for “two fifty”. Great! The customer was so delighted until she got her next bill from Neiman Marcus. They charged her $250 for the recipe!!! The customer thought the waitress meant $2.50. The next thing you know the chocolate cookie recipe was broadcasted on the Internet (by Neiman Marcus). It went viral. The infamous cookie recipe still lives today among the many cookie recipes shared on the internet for all to see. The New York Times told the tale.

NM cookies,courtesy of the New York Times.
NM cookies,courtesy of the New York Times.

In 1997, after years of enduring the myth, Neiman Marcus came up with a recipe – and gave it out for free. It’s a delicious variation on chocolate chip cookies, using ground oatmeal, nuts and adding extra chocolate with a grated Hershey bar (you can use any brand ). published by the New York Times

Was it a great hoax cooked up by the advertising staff at Neiman Marcus  (affectionately know as Needless Markup)?

I’d like to share this recipe with you. You can print out a copy and give it to your friends. I did make these cookies in 1997 when the story first broke. I just had to do it. Who could resist. If it was a hoax, it was a good one! Print out your copy—neiman-marcus

How we bake today. …GET SERIOUS!

FREEZER_freidnly33To freeze: Place the raw cookie mix in mounds on a cookie sheet and freeze. Collect the frozen cookie shapes into a freezer container and bake another day.


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